Wedding Sand: What You Should Know


A wedding is a union between two people usually the bride and the groom. This ceremony is used to symbolize that they will share everything after that. They are one,this is normally done by them exchanging goes in the presence of the numerous witnesses. To symbolize this coming together, some couples choose to light a candle together while others use the joining sand. This signifies that the two are now one. Over the recent number of years, different couples have come up with various creative ways to make the unity sand ceremony interesting for example by using various designs that are attractive. During this ceremony, the different colored sands are combined into one vase or vessel to show unity.

The unity sand such as from is available in a variety of colors and the bride and the groom each choose their color then during the ceremony each of them pour into another vase concurrently. Other people such as children can also be included during the ceremony and the like. To make the ceremony more interesting, some couples choose to match the wedding theme colors to the color of the sand too so that it can be uniform and more appealing that way. Some other ways that people do is to allow everyone who has attended the ceremony to pour some sand into your vase and this is to show the important place where they hold you in their lives. The ceremony is gaining popularity so much in the recent times. The special colored sand such as from Sandsational Sparkle used in this ceremony is available anywhere you can even buy it online. As for the vessels, you can use the ones just at home. However it is important that you preserve them for future generations that will come to you so that you can give them too. This symbolic handing over is important.

Sand ceremonies are normally held outside, not indoors for example they can be held on beaches and the vessels holding the sand can be customized say by including the names of the couples or even their photos too. Sand ceremonies came to replace the unity candles because candles could be blown off by the wind thus disrupting the ceremony but not for the sand. The important people in the lives of the couple also participate in pouring the sand. The father normally leads, the mother and finally the children too. One of the advantages of wedding Sand is that you can place it in your house as a souvenir to remind you of the vows.

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