Types of Unity Ceremonies You Should Know About


The best thing about weddings is how diverse and unique they can get. The couple getting married can decide to make their wedding as fun as possible. Over the years, unity ceremonies have become very popular. Most people enjoy them because they are a way of symbolizing togetherness and unity between the couple and the family as well. They represent the combination of two different families brought together by love. This article will help you know more about the different unity ceremonies that take place in different parts of the world.

The Unity Candle
You have probably gone to a wedding, and you have witnessed couples using individual candles to light one candle. Most couples opt for this type of ritual in their wedding to represent different things. To some, the lighting of one candle symbolizes the unity the two will have after marriage. Others opt to have a third party help them light a candle. In most cases, it happens with couples with children. It is usually a symbol of how they intend to make sure that they continue burning bright together as a family. The meaning of the unity candle all depends on the couple. For some, the flame can represent how bright their love burns.

Sand Ceremony
The sand ceremony works a little differently from the candle ceremony. In this ritual, each spouse gets a container full of sand. The purpose of this is to represent individuality. Each couple is then expected to pour their wedding sand samples into one container in unison. This symbolizes that the two individual are joined to become one. The best thing about the wedding sand ceremony is that it allows couples to personalize their sand. This means that they can choose the color of sand they want. Look for wedding sand samples now.

Hand-Fasting Ceremony
For those who are neither into candles or sand, they tend to lean towards hand fasting. In this case, the couple’s hands are fastened with a cloth. This is a symbol of union and togetherness. Most couples who opt for this take this ritual as a symbol of readiness and dedication to work hand in hand as a team to build a home together. This kind of ritual is often common in traditional wedding ceremonies.

Tree Planting Ceremony
This type of ceremony requires the couple to plant a tree in the presence of their family and friends. In most cases, it symbolizes the growing love that needs to be nurtured. Just like a tree needs to be watered, marriage requires constant care and dedication.

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